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Mitch Benoff

Mitch Benoff

Music Production and Voice

Mitch Benoff is a professor in the Music Production & Engineering department at Berklee College of Music. His focus on vocal production began in the days of analogue, developing for himself many of the comping techniques that have now become the norm in the digital world. Vocal Production is based on a similar course Benoff created on campus.

For decades, Benoff has split his time among various fields in the art. As producer, songwriter, and musician, he has written short film scores, musicals, music for off-Broadway, and lots of songs. He is the former owner of Downtown Recorders, home to much of Boston’s New Wave and Reggae scene in the 80’s. His 3-D sound company had clients like Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson.

Benoff has also consulted on special effects concert lighting for national tours, and at M.I.T.’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies, he created large-scale art installations like his 400 ft. long Athens Olympic Meteor for the 2004 Olympics.