Online Faculty:

Peter Alhadeff

Music Business

Peter Alhadeff, D.Phil., is a distinguished Oxford economist and historian who has a made his own unique and successful career in the US music business. He has published and been engaged by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the Harvard Berkman Center, the Latin Grammy, the Interamerican Bank at the Di Tella Institute in Buenos Aires, and the Business and Economics Society International, for which he delivered the keynote address on the state of the music trade in Athens, Greece.

Peter is a pioneering educator with a practical bend. As a professor and founding faculty of Music Business/Management at Berklee, he taught the first ever courses in math, music economics and statistics, and, ten years ago, HTML and Javascript. He works closely with his students, as well as faculty from inside and outside the college to produce The Music Business Journal at Digital Music News identified him as one of the most important attendees at Midem, Cannes, 2012.

Alhadeff is past chair of the Music Entertainment and Educators' Association's international conference and founded the monthly trade Recording En Español and its successor Músico Pro, passing the editorial baton to his students. He has built a prolific writing record of more than one hundred music business articles that he says is fed by his experience in the classroom.

Peter is currently developing Music Business Finance, a new online course that will likely stretch the traditional learning boundaries for musicians and anyone interested in business. It is full of current interest topics, has cutting-edge math explanations and applications, and covers the new guise of money in music, including crowdfunding and venture capital.