Online Faculty:

Ralph Kinscheck

Music Production

Ralph Kinscheck is a teacher, keyboardist, audio engineer, video producer, technician, and entrepreneur. As an Apple Certified Logic Master Trainer, he has taught classes, given clinics, and worked with a variety of clients, from local studio owners to editors from NESN, Comcast, and Hasbro. He currently works in Berklee's Electronic Production and Design department where he helps students and faculty use music technology hardware and software. He is also a co-founder of the Boston Logic User's Group.

Ralph has been in the music industry for over 30 years, performing live and in the studio as a keyboardist. Since 1998, he has run the music production company, Kinscheck Productions (KiP). His latest project is an album released on his own Jharck Records label entitled Grace with Jazz on Top. Kinscheck has run sound for events all over Boston, done sound design for various independent film releases, worked as a video editor and videographer, and served as a technician for various studios and independent producers.