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Shamal Ranasinghe

Shamal Ranasinghe

Shamal Ranasinghe, Co-founder of Topspin, has been at the forefront of digital music product strategy and development for the past decade, and he has been responsible for defining software and service best practices for leading companies in the digital music space.

Ranasinghe embarked on his career in music application product management with RealNetworks in 1999, working with the product team that introduced one of the first digital jukebox software applications, RealJukebox. In 2002, he connected with mentor and future partner Peter Gotcher and started incubating the Topspin concept. Ranasinghe later joined Musicmatch where he headed up the product team and was in charge of their web-services product development, which included the On Demand, Radio, and Music Store web-services.

Following the acquisition of Musicmatch by Yahoo! in 2004, Ranasinghe created and led a product team focused on building data mining applications for the Media division of Yahoo!, and in 2007 he reunited with Gotcher to start Topspin.

Ranasinghe also co-founded Sol System and Giveback, both music projects with a purpose, and in his spare time he enjoys traveling, creating sound art installations, playing the guitar, and participating in meaningful social projects.

Ranasinghe received a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and political science from Northwestern University and a Masters degree in Business Administration from Stanford University, where he also hosted a weekly radio show called "Below the Bassline".