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Steve Masur

Steve Masur

Music Business

Steve Masur is a member of Masur & Associates, LLC (MasurLaw). MasurLaw is a boutique intellectual property and business law firm at the forefront of the media, entertainment and technology industries. As a lawyer, board member and business advisor, Steve has served some of the most innovative new companies in the entertainment, music and information technology sectors in the last ten years.

He has helped organize, secure funding, draft contracts, do deals, negotiate successful exits, and work out solutions for a who's who of music industry clients. Firm clients have included: successful new music services like CD Baby, the Orchard, CDuctive, and Digital Club Network (now eMusicLive); multinational corporations like Yamaha; video game companies like PlayTV and En-Tranz; wireless content providers like Zingy, Vindigo, UPOC, and Chaoticom; and a wide variety of independent music, film, and entertainment and media clients, including Upright Citizens Brigade, the makers of Everquest, the nationally distributed newspaper India Abroad, and others. MasurLaw has worked with literally hundreds of innovative new companies with novel business model twists on advertising, publishing, media delivery, software, hardware, and licensing.

Before starting with MasurLaw, Steve was an attorney at Sabin, Bermant & Gould in New York, where he practiced corporate and cable television law, serving such clients as Advance Publications, Conde Nast Publications, Newhouse Broadcasting Corp., and Eastern Microwave. Steve received his J.D. from American University in Washington, DC and is a member of the New York and District of Columbia bars.