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Steven Schnur

Steven Schnur

Music for Film, TV, and Games and Music Production

Steve Schnur has been a label and music publishing company president, music supervisor, professional musician, songwriter, composer, record producer, policy advocate and more. He continues to change the game in the fields of music, movies, sports, and digital interactive entertainment around the world, while leading the fight for greater tolerance, diversity, and gender equality throughout the industry.

As Worldwide President of Music & Marketing for EA Games since 2001, Steve is responsible for everything music-related – including soundtracks, original scores, trailers, commercials, events, publishing and production – for the global leader in video game software and streaming content. He’s single-handedly taken the real estate of gaming and transformed it into what radio and MTV had been to previous generations: a destination for music fans to discover their favorite new song or artist, as well as the defining format for true music globalization. For more than a generation, he has curated, crafted, and evolved music and marketing for such international cultural milestones as Madden NFL, FIFA, Need For Speed, The Sims, Star Wars, Battlefield and beyond. “Schnur has been ahead of the curve,” Variety has said, “radically transforming the industry’s perception of video games from simple licensing opportunities to a series of groundbreaking partnerships.”

Steve revolutionized the concept of commissioning original music for launch trailers to create viral cinematic events. His commitment to live orchestration has led to collaborations with composers like Mark Mothersbaugh, Gordy Haab, Junkie XL, Hans Zimmer, and more, and has contributed to more than 100 soundtrack award nominations for the EA team.

Schnur’s awards include MUSEXPO’s 2009 International Music Person of the Year, the ACLU’s 2009 Bill of Rights Award, the 2020 Game Audio Network Guild Award for Music of the Year, the 2012, 2018, and 2023 Guild of Music Supervisors awards for Best Music Supervision in a Video Game, the Grammy for Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games and Other Interactive Media in 2024 for his production of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and many more.

Steve has been profiled by Forbes, Rolling Stone, CNN, ESPN, the London Financial Times and the New York Times; named ‘One of the Most Creative People in Entertainment’ by Entertainment Weekly, ‘One of the Most Powerful People in the Music Business’ and ‘One of the Top 20 Power Players in the Digital Entertainment’ by Billboard, and ‘One of the Top 25 Power Players in the New Hollywood’ by the Wall Street Journal.

In February 2023, Berklee College of Music and EA announced the partnership – instituted and overseen by Schnur– that created The EA/Berklee NexGen Scholarship. The program will offer one qualified woman or non-cisgender composer studying in the Screen Scoring Department the chance to not only receive a financial scholarship but the opportunity to be mentored by Schnur and his team and learn how to compose, orchestrate, and arrange an original score for an EA video game title.