Online Faculty:

Assen Stoyanov

Music Production

Assen Stoyanov has worked as a tech at Westlake Recording Studios, as a Chief Engineer for Broken Wave Studios, as a freelance engineer, and as an instructor at the renowned Los Angeles Recording School. It was during this time that Assen also received his Masters in Entertainment Business from Full Sail. Assen has been the engineer for artists such as 3 Doors Down, Static-X, Larry Carlton, INXS, as well as on movies like Outfoxed, Fat Albert, and The Honeymooners. By combining his technical skills with production and creativity, Assen not only works in the studio with artists, but also writes music and designs professional audio gear. These days, Assen has the awesome job as Electronic Engineer at Capitol Studios in Hollywood. There he maintains the main studios, builds original sound equipment, and services the unique Capitol Echo Chambers.