Online Faculty:

Ellen Francese earned her Masters Degree from Simmons College. Her teaching career spans over thirty years. Primarily a college professor, she has taught art to students of all ages as well as English to sixth graders and troubled teens. She has taught English and Artistry classes at Berklee College of Music since 2006. As Berklee’s international population has grown, she has more recently been supporting these students both inside and outside her English as a Second Language classes. Ms. Francese’s other interest at Berklee is developing programs for local and global citizenship. Her service learning projects have taken place in Latino neighborhoods and teen lock-up facilities. Students have fulfilled their Act of Kindness Projects by giving music lessons to the homeless, performing concerts at nursing homes, writing music for nonprofit websites, cleaning up an old recording of an elderly musician’s music, and bringing an instrument petting zoo to immigrant preschoolers. She was given Berklee’s first Urban Service Award for her commitment to fostering student social responsibility. Just recently, she received the Dean’s Award for Teaching for Excellence.