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Gabby Tulloch

Gabby Tulloch


Gabrielle Michelle Tulloch – know artistically and professionally as Gabby Michelle – is a songwriter, producer, music educator, and performing artist from Worcester, MA. Writing songs since the age of nine, Gabby studied at Berklee College of Music, where she was recognized for her creative approaches to songwriting and impactful lyrical content. After studying under his mentorship, Gabby has also served as the teaching assistant for renowned author, songwriter, and professor, Pat Pattison. 

A passionate advocate for mental health, Gabby studied Music Therapy and psychology as well. She has performed and participated in a variety of mental health awareness showcases and events and, while a student, received an award of recognition for her contributions to mental health in the Berklee community. She credits her Music Therapy background for providing a more thoughtful and informed understanding of the relationship between music and the mind, and for recognizing the value of creative arts as a form of both communication and self-expression. 

Now working out of Nashville, TN, she continues to strengthen her craft while writing songs for her own artistry, other artists, and for sync placement. In addition, Gabby serves as a songwriting and lyric coach for writers across the globe, and strives to empower other writers to find their own, unique voice through the art of songwriting.