Online Faculty:
Katrina Jackson

Katrina Jackson is a Mathematics teacher, Mother of four children, freelance Model and a Mentor to young men and women in the community. Katrina has been teaching mathematics for the past 20 years in the Boston Public Schools district at John D. O'bryant High School, Young Achievers (k-8), English High School, Dorchester Academy, Charlestown High School and Community Academy.  Since 2015, she has also been tutoring students with their math courses and teaching summer enrichment math to high school students enrolled in Artward Bound at Mass College of Art.  Katrina has experience teaching courses that cover middle school mathematics, through advanced calculus concepts, using Massachusetts curriculum frameworks.  These topics include but are not limited to manipulating integers, solving multi-step equations, determining geometric angles and properties, and calculating derivatives. Katrina has integrated  Arts and Technology into her curricula over the years and looks forward to sharing her love of Math and the Arts with the Berklee Online students.