Online Faculty:

David Doms

Music Production

David Doms, Associate Professor in the Music Synthesis Department at Berklee College of Music, has a long history of teaching MIDI and music synthesis. At Berklee, he teaches "Advanced Digital Sampling," "Advanced MIDI Systems," and "MIDI systems," and before coming to Berklee, he spent ten years at the New England Institute of Art teaching music synthesis and MIDI.

He has composed and produced TV and radio commercials for regional and national broadcast, corporate video, and film, including music for NBC, Fox TV, Xerox, and Gillette. He is a published songwriter with Warner-Chappell and DSM. As a producer, musician, and songwriter, his work has appeared on numerous releases, including Down Avenue (RCA), Robin Lane, Charles Pettigrew (formerly of Charles and Eddie), Laurie Geltman, and Ivan DePrume. His current project, Dreamtime9, is a combination of fuel-injected jazz/blues-based songs, integrated with ambient laptop and spoken word. David holds a Bachelor of Music from Boston University. He performs regularly in the Boston area and is working on a new release with Dreamtime9.