Online Faculty:

Guillermo De Llera

Songwriting, Orchestration, and Arranging

Guillermo de Llera Blanes has fostered a career as a multi-instrumental performer and a composer of counter-paradigmatic music. He has specialized in the practices of musical instruments from various cultures, such as the Indian tablas, North & West African percussion, Australian Didgeridoo and Turkish Saz - among others - and has used their theoretical frameworks in his compositions, most of which definable within the world fusion genre. 

His dedication to musical cross-fertilization; be it in theory, genres or performance practices was at the root of his dissertation for an Ethnomusicology master’s degree, entitled “Controllers as Musical Instruments, Controllerism as Musical Practice – studies for a new 21st century musical culture -, wherein he traced the logics that inform different music-making traditions, such as Dub mixing or tabla solo performance, and equating them with modern creative methodologies such as sample-based composition and controllerism as a performance practice. Currently, his research as a musician, an educator and an academic hinge on the apparent duality and questions of authenticity surrounding traditional and modern music making practices.  

He is also a custom composer / producer for Lusitanian Publishing and Music X Film, is at the board of directors at A.M.A.E.I. (Portuguese Association of Musicians, Artists and Labels), is the founder and CEO at Kaminari Records, and is the director at his local music school, aiming to help students’ transverse between the different worlds – and languages – of classical, traditional and modern music without fear or prejudice.