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Interdisciplinary Music Studies (Create Your Own Major) Degree

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The music industry is undergoing enormous change, and as a result, musicians increasingly need knowledge of, and skills in, a number of different areas in order to succeed in their career. The Interdisciplinary Music Studies major provides you with considerable flexibility in choosing coursework across a number of disciplines to align with your personal career goals. With the help of an academic advisor, you create a personalized education plan, which includes three courses of your choosing in both music business and technology (two critical areas driving change in the music industry), in addition to a series of core music and liberal arts courses. You then choose additional courses in music production, composition, arranging, songwriting, performance, or other areas to strengthen your skill set specific to the career you are seeking. The program culminates with a capstone experience in which you complete an in-depth project that demonstrates your readiness for professional work or advancement in the music industry.

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Upon completion of the Interdisciplinary Music Studies major, you will be able to:

  • Analyze the structure of the music industry and opportunities for creating new business models amidst change
  • Evaluate new music technologies as they relate to the principles and practices of creating, distributing, and promoting music
  • Synthesize acquired knowledge into an intellectual frame of reference in your chosen area of concentration
  • Evaluate quality using both musical and technical criteria, and apply those criteria to your own work and to the work of others
  • Lead a creative project from conception to completion, demonstrating mastery in your chosen area of concentration
  • Develop a career advancement plan that articulates clear steps for securing and maintaining professional work in the music industry
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(120 Credits)

  • Elective Courses (39 Credits)
  • Complete 13 courses that align with your individual education plan. At least 6 of those courses must be at the three-hundred level or above. Choose from courses in OMBUS, OMPRD, OCOMP, OGUIT, OBASS, OPIAN, OVOIC, OPERC, OCWPR, OHARM, OEART, OSONG, OCDAN, OCMUS, OCTHR, OLINT, OMUTH, or OPERF. (39 credits)

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  2. Create a 500-750 word essay, or a 3-5 minute video essay
  3. Attach your official transcripts
  4. Ask for two letters of recommendation

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