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Live Sound Production

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The lights go out, the band takes the stage, and the crowd goes wild. It’s up to you to ensure that what everyone hears next sounds great. In this specialist certificate program, you’ll advance your knowledge in one of the music industry’s main growth areas: sound for concerts and other live events. After tuning up your critical listening and ear training skills, you’ll move on to study all of the techniques and considerations a mix engineer needs to know when working with live sound, such as equalization, dynamics, microphone technique, natural and artificial reverb, delay, and compression.

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3 Required Courses to Complete this Certificate

Critical Listening 1

Create compelling, professional-sounding songs by learning to identify the production elements that contribute to a well balanced, artful and professional-sounding mix.

Advanced Audio Ear Training for Mix Engineers

Expand your production skills and take your critical listening to the next level by learning to identify and implement mix strategies, compression and panning techniques, and a wide array of professional mix approaches across multiple genres of music.

Live Sound: Mixing and Recording

Learn to construct a dynamic, high-quality mix for live sound. Identify proper microphone technique, equalization, effects, and dynamics processing to build professional sounding instrument sounds and vocals.


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